Dumbo Engagement Laura + HunterNew York City

LAURA + HUNTER met us Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass (D.U.M.B.O.) in New York City. We were in town for the weekend and it was too good an opportunity to waste! The only catch? It was literally 110 degrees and felt like a million percent humidity. Yikes! But they rode in, looking immeasurably cool, on Hunter’s motorcycle – even tho, in reality they were piling on the heat with helmets and leather jackets. Safety first, right?

You would never know how uncomfortable it was outside, when you see how they looked so at ease with each other! It’s so evident that she has his whole heart. The way he looks at her, the way he never complained, photo after photo, because he was close to her. She was constantly smiling ear-to-ear, always laughing, and she lit up, whenever he was near her.

These are two of the warmest, most genuine, and most fun people we’ve had the privilege to meet. Grabbing drinks and just talking when the photos were done, they felt like old friends. So thankful for this experience!

Enjoy some of our favorites from the day!

Jess + Chris

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