Downtown Cincinnati WeddingErin + Ryan // NewlywedsCincinnati, Ohio

ERIN + RYAN started the day with all the comforts of home. The morning was calm and relaxed, with nothing rushed, but anticipation and excitement was definitely still bubbling over. Everyone was softly bustling around, finishing up the last details, enjoying their time together, and getting ready for the day.

Time seemed to speed up as we neared the moment when Erin + Ryan would get to see each other, for the first time that day. Ryan broke out his fancy socks and mastered his bow tie with record speed. Erin slipped into her gorgeous silk and lace gown, and transformed into the most stunning bride.

Ryan made his way up the front walk of Erin’s family home and rang the doorbell. He probably felt like it was an eternity before she stepped out, and he saw her. There were just the widest, brightest smiles, sweet laughter, and joyful tears. (We can’t lie. We absolutely cried, too.)

After it stopped for that one, sweet moment, time just started zooming! The party started, and didn’t stop! We made our way to the Historic Over-the-Rhine District and Washington Park, made a stop at one of the best views of the phenomenal Cincinnati skyline and then drove on, to Crossroads Church, to get these two married! The final stop of the day had to be the coolest venue in all of Cincinnati: The 20th Century Theater.

Something about Erin + Ryan: they are the opposite of average, boring or expected. Their one big goal for the day was to have fun and to make sure everyone else did, too! Apparently, a simple, slow-dancing First Dance wasn’t going to do the trick. After about a minute of sweetly swaying, the music completely changed and the two of them just started raging! Everyone lost it! Favorite. Moment. Ever. The tone for the rest of the party was officially set. Goal, achieved.

Erin + Ryan, we are so excited for you guys! Thanks for letting us into your day, and for trusting us with such an important piece of your lives! You are fantastic people and we are so ecstatic at how flawlessly this day went for you, and so honored to be able to give you something to remember it by!

Congratulations, again!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!!!


Jess+ Chris

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