We are Chris + Jess Bowman,

«‹« and we are »›»

Chris Bowman Photography

We have been putting our heart and soul into wedding photography, since we got married in 2011.
This is what we were made to do. How do we know?


:: Our lives got better ::

We get to spend our evenings and weekends with incredible humans, creating and capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories,
and having a blast while we’re at it.


:: We became better people ::

Being in the business of people, you can’t help but be grown and stretched. Being surrounded by remarkable personalities, extraordinary stories, and such unique beauty and individuality, we are ALWAYS impacted. We know that who we are is the sum of our experiences, and we are so grateful!


:: We work hard, but it is SO easy ::

One of our main goals is to serve our couples well; to take anything we can off of their plates, and put it on our own.
There is a ton of effort that goes into capturing beautiful and meaningful images, before we ever even click that shutter button.
It is hard work, but it’s work we love!
Believe it, or not, we feel MORE energy at the end of a long wedding day!

Plus – *the cherry on top* – it helps that we get the excitement of knowing our hard work
will translate into you being IN LOVE with your photos
today, and for the rest of your lives!


:: We love this art form ::

Chris has always been this ridiculous photographer, with an eagle eye for interesting angles, beautiful lighting, and perfect framing.
He is thoughtful and calculating; he takes his time.
He makes sure we treat every single shot like it could be the center piece on your mantle.

I (Jess) am a crazy person who had never even picked up a professional camera, before 2011, but fell so in love with this world, that I can’t imagine doing anything else, for the rest of my life.
I appreciate photography for the unique power and platform it gives us to serve people.
I make sure I am always there to capture those moments that don’t happen twice.
I love it. It’s like a sport for me.


:: We feel free ::

We get to be completely ourselves, and the best form of ourselves.
Doing what we do has created a better home for our otherwise random assortment of strengths, skills and personality traits,
than we could’ve ever imagined!

It’s so important to us, personally, and a HUGE part of making sure the photos are AMAZING,
to make everyone around us feel as appreciated and comfortable being themselves,
as we get to feel.


:: We love every minute ::

Who gets to do this? How does this get to be our job?!
It’s an indescribable feeling to get to be with people on one of the best days of their lives!
We are so thankful and blown away that you love what we do, and allow us to keep doing it!


:: We can’t live without it ::

We don’t want to do anything else.
If we could be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we would.
This is our passion.
Each of the people and couples we have the privilege of working with makes our life more fun, more interesting, more purposeful.
We can’t imagine our lives without you.


Photos © Chris Bowman Photography & Haydn Rydings Photography